About us „What makes the difference“


DataHelp Ltd started moving towards data recovery in 1998 and started to develop technologies for data rescue from data media. It was in response to pressure from customers who were interested in recovery of their data without having to pay, at that time, really high prices to companies in that field who were often not able to help them, or simply customers had no idea about data recovery services.

„We are proud of our work“
By sophisticated means of investigation of producer’s technology and their system of record and function sequences of logical processes of discs, as well as behaviour of exact damage and faults, we developed very effective procedures and software programs for obtaining the most realistic mirror of discs, and how to overcome existing defects which prevent the displaying of data, or damaged them. Over time, we achieved more and more success until data recovery became the main focus of our entire company.

There is still room for discovering new shortcuts and software because of the variety of newly designed and created media. It is amazing how many new and different ways we have lately discovered. Thanks to our specialized laboratory, the proficiency of our technicians, focusing on the dilemma of data loss and never-ending development of technologies and procedures we achieve a very high rate of success and we recover nearly 100% of lost data, and we guarantee data readability. Our aim is to help customers, to the maximum amount possible, at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time.

Like many others companies, we try to offer still better services. The partnership net is actively being built up. So we are able to satisfy the needs of customers in Germany, Austria and Benelux.

The aim of all the pain is your peace and our good reputation. We will be always happy to help you and change your worry and stress caused by data loss to respite and happiness from recovered data, thanks to our help.

DataHelp in Numbers

Structure of media for data recovery:
  • Hard disks (70 %)
  • Flash cards, SSD, RAID (30 %)
  • Individuals (50 %)
  • IT service providers (30 %)
  • Companies (20 %)
Recovery results information (success rates)
  • Disk electronics damages (90 – 100 %)
  • Disk service data failures and damages (more than 90 %)
  • Head assembly damages (80 %)
  • Surface damages (90 – 100 %)
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