First steps

Pro objednání diagnostiky v České republice přejděte zde:

or „How To Get Rid Of the Problem Fast! Do Not Panic!“

  1. TURN OFF THE SYSTEM, do not restart, do not even try to recover your data yourself (unauthorized manipulation may cause irreversible damage which may preclude data recovery at all; eventually data recovery will be significantly aggravated and not only will the price will increase, but also the time necessary for data recovery).
  2. FILL IN THE FORM or call our local hotline to arrange the fastest way of recovery. You can convey all requisite information for recovery and also specify the data required.
  4. PACK THE MEDIUM for transportation with the printed form. Do not forget to thoroughly protect the medium from possible damage during transport.
  5. Upon RECEIPT, we will perform a diagnosis of the medium and we will inform you within 2 hours about the chances of recovering your data.

Data recovery - order form

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