Price list

Cost setting follows our strict rules. Despite that, the price may be changed due to the regime of realization, or on the basis of a unique code of your provider, who is our partner, or upon presentation of any card entitling the holder to a discount.

Diagnosis of invalid medium FREE of charge
Damaged file system From 100,- to 250,- EUR
Invalid electronic parts From 200,- to 400,- EUR
Mechanical damage to parts of a disc From 400,- to 1 200,- EUR
Raid array Individually

The set prices are only in the case of successful recovery. VAT is not included.

In special cases there can be a higher price, i.e. disc array, untypical disc SCSI, or terabyte discs, or a combination of set damages.

Discount cards

We support students and the whole of academia. We know very well the situation of „poor students“ personally, that is why we offer a 25% discount for Alive card (ISIC, ITIC, ALIVE) holders.

Handicapped people can also get the same 25% discount upon presentation of evidence.

Assessment of price

The price of data recovery depends on the extent of damage of hard discs, then on the type and its construction. Prices are set from 100,- EUR for slight software damage to a few thousand EUR for very serious hardware damage. Before you send the medium to be recovered, you can get advice by telephone and a tentative estimate by phone, or by filling in the form. This advice is not charged for.

Any fixed price offer will be set after diagnosis of the damaged medium in our laboratory. Set prices are charged only in the case of successful data recovery. Very important is the fact that diagnosis of an invalid disc is carefully considered so as not to worsen the current damage or reduce the chance of recovery. Unfortunately, there is a phenomenon of less specialized firms so badly harming discs during diagnosis that even a more qualified firm cannot successfully recover the data. In our company, diagnosis is always not invasive and the state of the disc is not changed during the diagnosis.

In the case that a more complicated operation is required the customer is informed in advance, also appraised of the possible consequences; and asked for approval. After the announcement of the results of the diagnosis you can freely decide whether we should work on data recovery or not.

Certainty of definite price

The diagnosis designates foremost the amount of price for data recovery. The price is really final and in no way is changed during the process of data recovery. With this knowledge you can expertly decide if the data recovery is really expedient for you. Moreover our diagnosis will not worsen or harm in any way your saved data, nor involve possible data recovery by anyone else. You can be certain when you decide who will recover you data.

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